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China Just Unveiled The Most Futuristic Library Ever

China’s massive new library has such a sleek and futuristic design that it looks like it came straight out of the works of science fiction. The newly opened Tianjin Binhai Library situated at the Binhai Cultural Center covers an enormous 33,700 square meters (362,744 square feet) space. The library itself has about 1.2 million books …

Why Monolithic Domes Should Replace Damaged Structures in Disaster Relief Zones

With the wake of Hurricane Harvey, and now Irma, Jose, and Katia increasingly unpredictable weather is on the horizon and the only way to recover from these natural disasters is to adapt because doing the same thing over and over again will only get us the same results, it’s time to evolve our response  to natural disaster […]

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Contour Crafting Wins NASA Prize For Revolutionary 3D Printed Building Tech

Contour Crafting has won a major design prize for its ability to 3D print large-scale structures directly from architectural computer-aided design (CAD) projects.