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Assay of nearly 5,000 mutations reveals roots of genetic splicing errors

Brown biologists have developed a new system, described in Nature Genetics, that identified and tracked hundreds of genetic variations that alter the way DNA is spliced when cells make proteins, often leading to disease.

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Juno pulls the plug on a once-promising cancer treatment

J uno Therapeutics is abandoning a cancer therapy that once looked like a revolutionary advance, reacting to a rash of patient deaths that made the customized treatment too risky to push forward. The company’s decision changes the landscape in a blockbuster race to commercialize the first CAR-T technology, a promising new approach to cancer in which …

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Artificial Wombs Just Got One Step Closer to Reality

Scientists have sustained human embryos in a petri dish for 13 days, shattering the previous record of nine days. The breakthrough will allow researchers to study early fetal development in unprecedented detail, and brings us one step closer to viable “artificial wombs.” But it’s adding fuel to an already heated ethical debate.

Understanding the Fundamentals of the 3D Bioprinting Space

Author: Adam Alonzi For medicine bioprinting is a necessity and an inevitability. The demand for organs will surely continue to climb with the global median age. Yet what hurdles lie in the way of creating a renewable supply? One major engineering obstacle is properly seeding and feeding the culture in order to create a functional organ. […]