Insights into the Neurobiology of Death

A recent study gives insight into the #neurobiology of dying.  Before the process of dying neurologists closely monitored patients with devastating #brain injuries following Do Not Resuscitate-Comfort Care orders.  This gave key insights into the mechanisms and timing of events in the brain and the circulatory system  during the dying process. The objective of emergency […]

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Scientists Uncover How Damaging Crystals Within Cells Trigger Disease and Cell Death

The news in this Channel cover some of the most groundbreaking fundamental research into biological processes within living cells. Cross-linked with Disease Processes, Proteomics, Genomics and others, the Channel aims to provide a comprehensive view on the inner workings of the basic unit of life.

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Civil Rights Clash: Transhumanists Prepare to Challenge an Anti-Cryonics Law in Canada

British Columbia, the westernmost province of Canada that is home to over 4 million people, has a law on the books that prohibits the marketing or sale o…