Artificial Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence

People often forget that we designed computers not just based upon strictly rational but emotional purposes as well to help solve complex problems.  For example we would not have designed a calculator if there was no desire to solve mathematical issues.  Humans are emotionally tied to problem solving and thus it helps them formulate decisions. […]

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Meet Mary Somerville: The Brilliant Woman for Whom the Word “Scientist” Was Coined

How a Scottish polymath forever changed the course of gender in science and made a high art of connecting the seemingly disconnected.

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The Boy Who Loved Math: The Illustrated Story of Eccentric Genius and Lovable Oddball Paul Erdős

How a prodigy of primes became the Magician from Budapest before he learned how to butter his own bread.

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Two quantum properties teleported together for first time –

Spin and orbital angular momentum transferred between photons

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Analogue Hawking radiation spotted in the lab –

Has Stephen Hawking’s prediction been realized, three decades on?