The Limits of Neuroplasticity in the Brain

New research shows that the #brain‘s #neuroplasticity isn’t as flexible as previously thought. One of the brain’s mysteries is how exactly it reorganizes new #information as you learn new tasks.  The standard to date was to test how neurons learned new behavior one #neuron at a time. Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh […]

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Theoretical Machine Learning Lecture Series: Deep Learning and Cognition

Deep learning, which is the reemergence of artificial neural networks, has recently succeeded as an approach towards artificial intelligence. In many fields, including computational linguistics, deep learning approaches have largely displaced earlier machine learning approaches, due to the superior performance they provide. 

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Baidu Relying on Deep Learning to Make it Easier to Talk to Your Devices

Baidu says it is building a 100-billion-neuron deep learning system and that it will be complete within six months, powering a fast transition away from text for search requests. With smartphones and the company’s new Baidu Eye technology, the company expects voice and image search to be more used than text.