World Leaders Have Decided: The Next Step in AI is Augmenting Humans

By Abby Norman and Jolene Creighton on February 10, 2018 Think that human augmentation is still decades away? Think again. This week, government leaders met with experts and innovators ahead of the World Government Summit in Dubai. Their goal? To determine the future of artificial intelligence. It was an event that attracted some of the biggest […]

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Physicists Aim to Classify All Possible Phases of Matter | Quanta Magazine

A complete classification could lead to a wealth of new materials and technologies. But some exotic phases continue to resist understanding.

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Microsoft Launches Free Preview Version Of Its Quantum Development Kit | HotHardware

Back in September, we talked about the groundwork Microsoft was laying for quantum computing with a new programming language in development. Not even three months later, Microsoft is ready to toss a free preview version of that new language to the public and it’s called the Quantum Development Kit. That dev kit includes the Q# programming

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Apple AI guru Tom Gruber speaks of artificial intelligence's 'inevitability' at TED

Speaking at the TED conference, Siri co-founder and Apple AI expert Tom Gruber declared that artificial intelligence should be used less to replace humans, and more to enhance aspects of humanity that are unreliable or fail with time, like memory.