Human Skeletal Muscle Aging and Mutagenesis

Study based upon human skeletal muscle aging, mutagenesis, and the role of #satellite cells “A more comprehensive understanding of the interplay of stem cell–intrinsic and extrinsic factors will set the stage for improving cell therapies capable of restoring tissue homeostasis and enhancing muscle repair in the aged.” Human aging has multiple effects on the human […]

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One Test to Rule them All

In August 2012, 14-year-old Joshua Osborn went for a freshwater swim while visiting Puerto Rico. That memorable summer outing led to a life-threatening brain infection that stumped his doctors. A new DNA sequencing technology saved his life. After returning home to Wisconsin, Joshua started getting headaches and fevers. Eventually, these symptoms escalated, leading to uncontrollable seizures. A battery of tests failed to reveal the cause of his illness, so Joshua was put in a medically induced coma to buy time.