The Origin of Life

Researchers have had a breakthrough in the central questions about #the origin of life. A collaboration of physicists and biologists in Germany has found a simple mechanism that might have enabled liquid droplets to evolve into living #cells in early Earth’s primordial soup. How did these first cells arise from primitive precursors? What were those […]

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The End of the RNA World Is Near, Biochemists Argue | Quanta Magazine

For decades, an origin-of-life story starring RNA has prevailed. New research may be shaking that theory’s hold on our understanding of life’s beginnings.

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A Genetic Oddity May Give Octopuses and Squids Their Smarts

Unlike other organisms, coleoid cephalopods make extensive use of RNA editing, which could slow their evolution but may make their behavior more complex than other invertebrates.

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Seeing RNA at the nanoscale

MIT researchers have adapted a technique known as expansion microscopy to visualize RNA molecules at high resolution in tissue samples. They have also made the technique easier to use, with off-the-shelf components.

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RNA carried by new nanoparticles can silence genes in many organs, could be deployed to treat cancer

RNA interference (RNAi), a technique that can turn off specific genes inside living cells, holds great potential for treating many diseases caused by malfunctioning genes. However, it has been difficult for scientists to find safe and effective ways to deliver gene-blocking RNA to the correct targets.