Our Unneighborly Neighborhood: New Technique to Reveal Solar System’s Secrets

  The observable universe is a ginormous realm, whose 42.3 billion light year radius is riddled with galaxy filaments and voids. Suspended in one of the trillions of galaxies is an infinitesimal speck, a speck consisting of what humans may refer to as our neighborhood: the #solar system. Juxtaposed to the cosmic scale, the solar […]

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This could provide vital clues about how star systems form and evolve

A TEAM of astronomers believe they have spotted the first moon outside our solar system.

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Peering into giant planets from in and out of this world

Scientists for the first time have experimentally re-created the conditions that exist deep inside giant planets.

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New suspect identified in supernova explosion

New results have revealed a rare example of a type Ia supernova in which a dead star “fed” off an aging star like a cosmic zombie, triggering a blast.