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Googlers just walked out of work in protest of Trump's immigration ban

Google employees from eight campuses today staged a work stoppage and walked out in protest of President Trump’s immigration ban. Google, and tech companies in general, stand to be among the most affected should Trump’s seven country immigration ban — and the hazy status on existing visa holders — be allowed to continue. Today, the company made …

Post Thumb contributors discuss the future of AI – Machine Intelligence Research Institute

In January, nearly 200 public intellectuals submitted essays in response to the 2015 question, “What Do You Think About Machines That Think?” (available online). The essay prompt began: In recent years, the 1980s-era philosophical discussions about artificial intelligence (AI)-whether computers can “really” think, refer, be conscious, and so on-have led to new conversations about… Read more »

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An Astrobiologist Asks a Sci-fi Novelist How to Survive the Anthropocene – Issue 28: 2050 – Nautilus

Humans will have a chance to prove their adaptability as the Earth undergoes unprecedented challenges in the Anthropocene, an era…

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Cat Eyes and Other Radical Ideas to Re-Engineer Humans for the Future

If we don’t do something about climate change, humanity is screwed. But do what? Carbon emissions keep creeping up, geoengineering is potentially dangerous, and we continue to stew in endless political debates. One bioethicist has a radical idea: Re-engineer humans for a better planet.

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Cosmos’ Neil deGrasse Tyson: Transforming How We Think About Science

Neil deGrasse Tyson, America’s best-known astrophysicist, speaks with Parade about his passion for the laws of nature and how he wants to “transform how we think about science.”  Starting in March, this science rock star will become an even bigger cultural phenomenon as he hosts Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey, a 13-part, prime-time series airing on both […]