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The Beast from Space Will Arrive this Week… Seriously

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When we look to the heavens, the threat of some strange celestial death-dealer arriving from deep-space seems all-too real, especially with consideration that recent studies suggest the number of potentially dangerous space objects that graze, or even strike our planet, are higher than once thought.

Just to prove how often gigantic space objects do pass dangerously close to our planet, astronomers have proclaimed the coming of the Beast from space seriously. As recently as April 23, astronomers became aware of a massive asteroid, roughly the size of an aircraft carrier, headed toward Earth.

Experts assure us that “The Beast” was no danger to Earth life, but the idea that a 1,067-foot-wide hunk of space rock traveling 31,000 miles per hour can creep up on us with only a few week’s notice is-and should be-disconcerting.

Such beastly space objects arouse curiosity and thrill, and Thursday a live video stream was made available online for those wishing to track the asteroid’s progress.

Given consideration to the concern that has begun to follow the likelihood that an asteroid might strike Earth and manage to wreak havoc on entire large city populations, is self-destruction really the very worst of our concerns?

We live in an era where “Beasts” from space can appear with sudden, and potentially deadly results; but in truth, that “Era” has always existed, along with threats like these that science has merely helped us to identify.


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