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The best and worst analogies for CRISPR, ranked

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For these reasons, this ad wins the ignoble prize as the worst CRISPR metaphor we could track down. The notion of CRISPR as a surgeon’s scalpel nicely captures its cutting action. Points are deducted for not addressing CRISPR’s powers to add or replace. To continue the analogy: If you use CRISPR to search for “The” and replace it with “This,” it would work as intended sometimes. CRISPR: “Sort of like organic matter Photoshop” is definitely the best analogy i’ve heard https://t. Folks, we have a winner: A Swiss Army knife is the best analogy we found for what CRISPR can and can’t do.

Swiss Army knives also strike the right middle ground between a precise cut and a blunt cut, a good way to think about CRISPR’s capabilities.


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