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The Era of Artificial Hearts Has Begun

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There have been over 1,000 artificial heart transplant surgeries carried out in humans over the last 35 years.

Last December, one such company took a giant leap ahead. French-based Carmat performed the world’s first total artificial heart implant surgery on a 76-year-old man in which no additional donor heart was sought.

The artificial heart will be hidden inside the body, and it will soon be better than the heart of any Olympian athlete. More than just pumping blood, future artificial hearts will bring numerous other advantages with them.

Have you ever been super nervous-such as on a first date, or while giving a public speech-and could feel your biological heart incessantly pounding? In the future, you’ll just adjust your artificial heart to the right level for whatever context or experience you are in.

Future artificial hearts may also replace the need for some doctor visits and physicals.

One major downside of artificial hearts is their exposure to being hacked.


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