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The Era Of Cyborgs Has Begun: 10,000 People Already Have Digital Chip Implants | The Sleuth Journal

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One respected scientific journal has announced that the era of cyborgs has definitively begun, as an array of medical applications are merging us with machines and computer systems.

Despite the limited uses, human chip implant manufacturer Dangerous Things told AFP that there are now around 10,000 “Cyborgs” – or humans with digital chips in them – across the globe.

Yes, if Google X has its way, we will soon all look like cyborgs, our bodies becoming interconnected networks of implants and augmentations. The technology already exists to apply a range of applications directly into contact lenses.

It’s not often in this era of rampant technological innovation that a fundamentally new concept surfaces – with almost no limitations to what can be achieved with the myriad new technologies coming to market over the last few years, fundamentally new ideas of this magnitude are becoming increasingly rare, much less technologies with groundbreaking societal implications.

Now a leading mainstream scientific journal has announced that this is already happening, which indicates that the era of cyborgs has indeed begun.

In their latest review, “The Chemistry of Cyborgs – Interfacing Technical Devices with Organisms” researchers from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology first point to some of the electronic health implants that we already take for granted as being a merger of man and machine, such as pacemakers and hearing or retina implants.


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