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The gravitational waves controversy

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Danish scientists express doubts about the breakthrough detection of gravitational waves.

Scientists at Copenhagen’s Niels Bohr Institute have raised doubts about the first detection of gravitational waves by the Laser InterferometerGravitational-Wave Observatory in 2015.

Gravitational waves emanate from phenomena like the formation of black holes, but earthly disturbances can affect the two laser interferometers that detect them. The Danish analysis appears to show correlation between earth-originated noise and the breakthrough wave detection. Vítor Cardoso, a former LIGO member and professor at Lisbon’s Instituto Superior Técnico, comments on the Danish doubts.

Some of what the Danes claim was not done was actually investigated by LIGO, and many have said it’s not possible to accurately reproduce just one fragment of the LIGO findings.

LIGO will continue detecting a few events every year, but it’s handicapped by sitting on earth, which is shaking all the time.


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