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The Mermaid Speaks: Why You Need to Take a Stand to Help End the Australian Shark Cull [PETITION]

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We are told sharks are to be feared; they are ruthless, blood thirsty monsters that attack innocent humans and therefore they need to die. This fear of shark attacks is precisely what led the Australian government to sanction a shark cull across the Western coast of their nation.

The culls began in response to a number of fatal shark attacks, yet the majority of the sharks that have been killed in the cull are not even of the species responsible for these attacks.

There is a gross injustice being done to Australia’s shark populations, one that could have devastating consequences for years to come if action is not taken now to end the cull.

Hannah Fraser, a native Australian, is taking up the call to help change the negative perception given to sharks. Most people fear shark attacks because they have no understanding of how the mind of a shark works.

In addition to making this film, Fraser is stepping up for the cause to end the Australian shark cull through a petition on


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