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The next AI is no AI

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We can be aware of the existence, presence and effects of intelligent systems, but we no longer fully comprehend what these systems do, how they achieve their goals or what are their definite effects.

First, most algorithmic systems, as well as the latest advancements in AI technologies, are black boxes; inaccessible, unfathomable and uncontrollable to most people. Concretely, specialized systems can empower scientific discoveries in biology or help you choose the best route to your next meeting. Eventually, AI systems will be leading experts on their own behavior, predicting their own future better than any human ever could. The most valuable asset of tomorrow’s world might be an intelligent system that no human can fully understand or control. Simultaneously, AI is turning into an unprecedented cultural and technological phenomenon, affecting the way we assess and define “Intelligence” itself.

Such an AI grid, like the Internet of Things², powering various experiences and applications in different environments and industries, being open for tinkerers and specialists alike, would significantly change the way we could understand AI or interact with intelligent systems in general.


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