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The twisted tale of the man who stole Albert Einstein's brain

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A hundred years ago this month – on Nov. 25, 1915 – Albert Einstein presented his famous theory of relativity to the Prussian Academy of Science in Germany.

Princeton Hospital pathologist Dr. Thomas Stoltz Harvey was performing the autopsy and, when nobody was looking, he did the unthinkable: He stole Albert Einstein’s brain.

While Harvey’s research never fully materialized, scientists in 2013 did discover that Einstein’s brain was indeed distinct. So what ended up happening to Einstein’s brain? That question nagged at a young journalist named Michael Paterniti, a writer for Esquire and GQ magazines. Peterniti convinced the retired pathologist that it was time to return the brain to its rightful owner – Evelyn Einstein, the physicist’s granddaughter in California.

So the two men, along with Einstein’s brain in a Tupperware container resting on the back seat, hopped into a Buick Skylark and went on what has to be one of the most bizarre American road trips of all time.

History buffs hoping to catch a glimpse of Einstein’s brain are in luck.


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