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These 15 electric cars will be here by 2020

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It won’t be long before there’s an influx of long-range electric cars hitting the market. Most major automakers, including GM and Volkswagen, have vowed to roll out more than one fully electric car by 2020. Musk said in the statement that the new car will be capable of going from zero to 60 in less than 2.8 seconds, which is faster than its cars can go in “Ludicrous Mode.”.

The company will also be collaborating on “a range of next-generation connected electric vehicles” with the electric car start-up Faraday Future, which is also in a partnership with LeEco.

The Volkswagen Group plans to launch several electric cars by the end of the decade.

In late January, Volkmar Tanneberger, the company’s head of electronic development, told CAR Magazine that the company will produce a car that looks a lot like the Budd-E reach production by 2020.

Daimler, which is Mercedes-Benz’s parent company, already offers two all-electric cars.


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