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This little robot can jump three feet in the air

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The robot, SALTO, can leap up to a meter into the air. SALTO borrows its super-crouched posture from a similar hunched position these tiny primates take before leaping almost two meters in a single jump. Just like a galago, and unlike other jumping robots, SALTO can jump again and again. The team has tested SALTO’s ability to jump at a wall, position itself, and bound off that wall to gain even more jump height. SALTO isn’t the highest jumping robot out there, but robots capable of jumping two meters or more into the air tend to cheat. SALTO can store less spring energy, faster, but for an overall more efficient jump.

“The wind up one might get a good head start, because it would jump four steps to begin with, but we would exceed it because we can jump more frequently.”


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