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This New Hypothesis Claims to Solve 5 of The Biggest Problems in Physics

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Physicists have come up with a new model that they say solves five of the biggest unanswered questions in modern physics, explaining the weirdness of dark matter, neutrino oscillations, baryogenesis, cosmic inflation, and the strong CP problem all at once.

The new model, called SMASH, proposes that we only need six new particles to reconcile all of these gaps in the standard model of physics, and the team behind it says it won’t be that hard to test.

The model has been developed by a team of French and German physicists, and they say it doesn’t require any major tweaks to the standard model – just a few new additions.

It’s early days yet, but that’s a pretty cool proposition, because other models designed to explain the mysteries of quantum mechanics – such as supersymmetry – require the addition of hundreds of new particles that we’ve never even seen traces of.

Until now, perhaps, if the new model turns out to be correct.

Now, the team led by French physicist Guillermo Ballesteros from the University of Paris-Saclay says we can add these three right-handed neutrinos to the three existing neutrinos in the standard model, plus a subatomic particle called a colour triplet fermion, to solve the first four problems listed above.

“SMASH adds a new field to explain some of those problems a little differently. This field includes two particles: the axion, a dark horse candidate for dark matter, and the inflaton, the particle behind inflation.”


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