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U. S. Clean Energy Job Creation Cut in Half in the First Quarter of 2014 – Solar Thermal Magazine

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A new report released today from the nonpartisan business group Environmental Entrepreneurs says that only about 5,600 clean energy and clean transportation jobs were announced in the first three months of this year.

This troubling trend is attributed to Congressional inaction on key clean energy tax policies, coupled with attacks on state renewable energy programs.

“Congress pulled the plug on smart clean energy tax policies at the end of last year, while in the states, lawmakers are getting bullied by special interests that don’t want our country to produce more clean, renewable energy,” said E2 executive director Bob Keefe.

Bob Keefe of Environmental Entrepreneurs remains optimistic, however: “Given the muddied policy environment on clean energy, low overall jobs numbers were expected. Fortunately, it’s not too late for lawmakers to steer clean energy and clean transportation job growth back on track”.

Federal tax policy: If Congress acts now to reinstate on a long-term basis incentives like the Production Tax Credit for wind, as well as other tax credits for biofuels and energy efficiency, lawmakers would have an immediate, positive impact on clean energy job growth.

These new carbon limits pave the way for manufacturing and power-generation companies in clean energy and energy efficiency sectors to invest in operations and add jobs.

State Renewable Portfolio Standards: On the state level, one of the biggest opportunities to defend or strengthen job-creating clean energy policies is in Ohio., where state lawmakers and Gov. Rob Kasich.


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