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University of Tokyo pair invent loop-based quantum computing technique | The Japan Times

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Japanese scientists have invented an approach to quantum computing that renders a far larger number of calculations more efficiently than existing quantum computers. Under the new method, many pulses of light, each carrying information, are allowed to go around in a loop circuit indefinitely. The circuit performs multiple tasks, switching from one task to another rapidly through instant manipulations of the pulses. In 2013, Furusawa’s team developed a basic system for optical quantum computing. In the new approach, a single circuit plays the role of many such systems.

In other types of quantum computers, including those using superconducting circuits, some are capable of handling up to dozens of qubits, or quantum bits, the basic unit of information in quantum computing.

Furusawa’s new approach will allow a single circuit to process more than 1 million qubits theoretically, his team said in a press release, calling it an “Ultimate” quantum computing method.


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