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Viva vagus: Wandering nerve could lead to range of therapies

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ENTANGLEMENT EXPLAINED What is quantum entanglement? Let’s break it down.

Scientists who once focused on building error-resistant quantum computers are now pondering whether the universe itself is a vast quantum computer that safely encodes spacetime in an elaborate web of entanglement.

Entanglement could be the secret ingredient that unifies these supposedly incompatible views into a theory of quantum gravity, enabling physicists to understand conditions inside black holes and in the very first moments after the Big Bang.

So Van Raamsdonk drew an imaginary line bisecting his holographic label and then mathematically severed the quantum entanglement between particles on one half of the label and those on the other.

Quantum theory dictates that the entanglement required to link all the particles outside the black hole precludes those particles from also linking up with particles inside the black hole.

In a paper in the German journal Fortschritte der Physik in 2013, Maldacena and Susskind argued that a wormhole – technically, an Einstein-Rosen bridge, or ER – is the spacetime equivalent of quantum entanglement.

In their paper on wormholes, Einstein and Rosen discussed possible quantum implications but didn’t make a connection to their earlier entanglement paper.


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