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We Finally Know The Weird Way Electrons Behave During Fusion-Like Conditions

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Researchers have at last been able to model the behaviour of electrons under extreme densities and temperatures, similar to those found inside stars and planets.

Although electrons are ubiquitous in our universe, carrying electrical current and determining the physical properties of materials, physicists have never before been able to describe the ways large numbers of electrons behave together- especially at high densities and temperatures.

Although it is easy enough to describe the large-scale behaviours of electrons- such as how electrical current, resistance, and voltage work- quantum forces control the behaviours of electrons at the microscopic level, causing them to act like a quantum mechanical gas.

Until the success of this research, scientists were only able to create simulations that described the behaviour of this electron gas at very low temperatures. The centres of planets like Earth and stars are filled with warm, dense matter – matter that is also critical to fusion experiments. With the help of computer simulations, the new work solves the equations that describe the electron gas precisely.

The team has thus completely described the thermodynamic properties of interacting electrons in warm dense matter for the first time.


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