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What is a Wormhole and Will Wormhole Travel Ever be Possible?

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So how are we supposed to explore the universe in a way that won’t take us thousands of generations? Among the many concepts researchers have devised, one technique has remained particularly popular, especially in the realm of science fiction: shortcuts, or theoretical tunnels known as wormholes.

Wormholes are thought to be highly unstable, and the insertion of foreign matter might cause them to collapse completely.

Numerous books, TV shows, and films have utilized the wormhole concept for deep space travel-from Dr. Arroway’s mysterious alien-filled journey in Contact to the Bajoran Wormhole, which allows access to the unexplored Gamma Quadrent in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

According to Einstein and his colleague Nathan Rosen, a wormhole is actually deformed space that has warped in such a way to connect two different points in space-time. Negative properties of exotic matter might push the sides of a wormhole outward, making it large enough-and stable enough-for a person or a spaceship to fit through it. We’ve found a tiny wormhole, we somehow have obtained some exotic matter, and we’ve expanded and stabilized the tunnel to be big enough to fit a spaceship.

Some have even theorized that wormholes could connect completely different universes altogether.


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