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Why everyone benefits if we emphasize the human side of the technology

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As the director of Stanford’s AI Lab and now as a chief scientist of Google Cloud, Fei-Fei Li is helping to spur the AI revolution. It’s a revolution that needs to include more people. Researching cutting-edge AI is very satisfying and rewarding, but we’re seeing this great awakening, a great moment in history.

There’s a great phrase, written in the ’70s: “The definition of today’s AI is a machine that can make a perfect chess move while the room is on fire.” It really speaks to the limitations of AI. In the next wave of AI research, if we want to make more helpful and useful machines, we’ve got to bring back the contextual understanding.

What makes humans unique is that evolution gave us the most incredible and sophisticated vision system, motor system, and language system, and they all work together. You’ve talked about the need to have more women involved in AI. Why?

More jobs will be related to artificial intelligence, so we need a huge workforce, and we need a more inclusive base.


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