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Why Is Google Making Human Skin?

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New findings turn up all the time about how life’s basic building blocks could have been generated in primordial conditions or delivered to Earth from space.

If the significance level was a little less the second time, the combined “P value” would be less impressive after the second experiment, even though the evidence ought to be regarded as stronger.

So little time in which to solve them, unless solving this one would reveal some clever tricks to play with time.

What’s the nature of duration and the flow of time – is it illusory or “Real” in some elusive way? What about the direction of time – does it always go forward? Why? Is time travel possible, or can messages at least be sent backward in time? Perhaps the biggest mystery is whether all these issues about time are related or are completely separate questions.

In 1930, Einstein tried to refute quantum mechanics by suggesting a clock attached to a box hanging on a scale could measure both the mass of a photon and the precise time that it escaped from the box.

Niels Bohr pointed out that the time on the clock would be uncertain, because as the box moved upward in the gravitational field, Einstein’s relativity required a change in time that would introduce just the amount of uncertainty in the timing that Heisenberg required.

Related work suggests that space, time and gravity are all part of a vast quantum entanglement network.


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1 thought on “Why Is Google Making Human Skin?

    Tomas Kindahl

    (October 29, 2017 - 3:46 am)

    They’re going to replace us with clones.

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