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Why the US May Have to Go All in on Unmanned Ships

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What about boats? Researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and Rolls Royce are developing technology they believe will make unmanned automated ships a reality in the immediate future.

The researchers at KAIST are also developing technology that will automate commercial ships and improve safety and efficiency.

At the same time, Rolls Royce, the British car-manufacturing and airplane engine manufacturing company, is researching how to monitor and operate ships remotely with simulations and tools for crew members.

“We’re living in an ever-changing world where unmanned and remote-controlled transportation systems will become a common feature of human life. They offer unprecedented flexibility and operational efficiency,” Iiro Lindborg, Rolls Royce’s General Manager Remote & Autonomous Operations, told Marine Log.The system is supposed to evoke a realistic experience of what is happening out at sea.

The company released an over-the-top video on Wednesday of what this land-based control centers for unmanned ships would look like.

The control operator can send surveillance drones and see the conditions of ships off the coast of Sweden, check diagnostics off of holograms and smart screens, and command the system through voice recognition technology.

Autonomous sea vessels can also improve safety and efficiency, and the market indicates that demands are growing in commercialized missions and scientific research.


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