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With a research team of approximately 25 people and many students, I see myself today more and more as the manager of this unit rather than a “Real” researcher. Our research activity in Bern can be divided in three aspects: clinical, laboratory and technical.

Another focus of our laboratory research revolves around the understanding of how and why a reverse remodeling process sometimes takes place in a failing heart unloaded with a ventricular assist device.

What role will open-access play in advancing cardiovascular research? Over the last decade, authors have progressively given more and more importance to the impact factor when selecting a journal to publish their work.

At the beginning of this adventure we were occasionally harshly criticized, sometimes by our own colleagues, with the assumption that we wanted to “Make even more money”! Today, seven years later, I can say that I haven’t earned a single penny more that what I would have if I had simply continued to do my quiet and somewhat secure job at the hospital.

Whereas patients are traditionally treated when they are sick, they will ask more and more for assistance to improve their own performance even if they are healthy.


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