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Would you buy a 500-mile range electric car that charges in one minute?

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To much less fanfare Fisker Inc. filed patents last week on a solid-state battery that “Delivers 2.5 times the energy density of typical lithium-ion batteries, with the potential of costing one third of the 2020 projected price of those batteries,” Green Car Congress reported.

Why are these such game-changing announcements? Why are electric car sales soaring around the world, with a stunning 63 percent jump in third-quarter sales this year versus last, as Bloomberg New Energy Finance reports? Why are countries from the U.K. and France to India and China planning to ban gasoline-powered cars in the next decade or two? Here’s why.

The sticking points have been the high initial cost and the short range, due to expensive and bulky batteries. The cost and performance gains are projected to continue rapidly for many years, if not decades, especially with so many car companies working on solid-state batteries.

As Chemical & Engineering News explained Monday, “By getting flammable liquid electrolytes out of lithium-ion batteries and replacing them with solid electrolytes, solid-state battery makers hope to usher in an era of safer, more compact, higher-capacity energy storage devices.”

Last year, Boston-based SolidEnergy Systems announced it had developed a virtually “Anode-free” lithium metal battery that was twice as energy dense but longer lasting and potentially safer than lithium-ion batteries, as ThinkProgress reported.

Last month, Toyota said the solid-state battery it was developing could be an EV “Game changer with the potential to dramatically improve driving range.” It will also reduce charging time.


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